Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Job

Thinking about it, I could keep this a blog about everyday life and random stuff, or I could add in what I do for work. The only problem may be the fact that with all the stuff I can write about that relates to my work, I would need a totally separate blog.

Not that I have this all-important job with action packed adventure that everyone will want to tune in for the next episode. I do feel that we physical therapists could definitely come up with some good stories due to the broad range of people and medical issues we come in contact with.

For starters, I think that everyone should work in some sort of retail, wait-staff or with the public in general doing service, at some point in their lives. This way they could all learn what the public is like. Rude, jerky, impatient and obnoxious. Alright, so that doesn't include everyone, but it is sad when you have to point out how nice and polite someone was because they are in the minority. Besides, you take those features of the public and add in pain and/or dysfunction? That is seeing people and their personalities at their best and brightest.
The saying goes in the clinic that the patients that listen to us, and we like, never last long in pt because they get better and leave treatment. Or we just point out that "Hey, he's a really nice guy!" or "She's really cool" - "they won't last long here". Then there are the pts that stay forever, usually nothing you're doing wrong treatment-wise, but you really just can't get rid of them. Those are the one's who are ridiculous, full of it, a pest, or just plain ol' don't get it and want nothing more in life. Now, I'm all for helping people, but sometimes...

The other problem I could potentially run into is that whole HIPPA thing. Yes, I obviously wouldn't be throwing out any pt names, but in describing some of the stories you never know who might be reading and catch on to the implication that it was them... maybe I'm just being paranoid. Then again, I have treated some real doozies. And just think, there's the possibility that if I wrote some of my lame stories about how my patients pants fell off in the gym (which never actually happened) then I might have people making comments about crazier stuff that happened to them in the clinic. Hm. I'm starting to like this idea...

In the end who knows, I may throw a tidbit here and there about something that happened in the clinic, or I may just make some anonymous blog about the exploits of a PT. But if on the slim chance a patient catches on, I'm denying the whole thing. Like the time I had a woman pull up her dress at the end of her eval to show me the bottom part of her sternum because she wondered if it was normal...

True story.

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