Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 things came true

If you happened to read my last blog then there are no less than 2 things that came true.

1) That mild rant about parking where you just end up going back to where you should have originally gone and paid the 15 bucks? Totally happened.

2) I said I would try not to get pink. Well, my arms and neck are kinda burnt right now. 1st degree burns, nothing a little aloe with lidocaine can't help out.

We spent the day at the beach in beautiful weather then went back to the house and did some BBQ, and it was just a plain old, simple, nice day with the family.

There, that's it.


Off to the beach today - seeing as it's a beautiful holiday weekend. It's going to be a zoo for sure and who knows what it will be like trying to find parking. Let's see, we could try and park on the side of the road and walk along the side while trying not to get run over, or, park in the big lot with everyone else and pay $15.

I actually think I might rather pay the money because by the time you drive around, sit in traffic, wait for people to cross the street or get out of the street so you can pass, turn around to drive back down the road to get that 'ok' spot only to find that someone as taken it, swear because there's too many people walking and driving in the area just because it's a holiday weekend, all while you've got all the people in the car are telling you the best option about parking - even possibly about the "secret parking spot we found last summer", and you just end up going back to the $15 parking lot only because someone else suggested it even though you wanted to do that in the first place.

I try to be good about my spelling and such, but I don't think that counts as a run on sentence, it just has lots of commas.

Also, since I have finished grad school and started my "real" career I have gained about 15 pounds. Hm, maybe I should put some money on the number 15. Or 1 and 5. Now last summer I was working out do to the impending wedding and honeymoon in Bermuda, so I was in relatively good shape. But, since August I haven't gone to the gym, and I think I have been trying to match my pregnant wife in calorie intake and that just makes me end up with a sketchy body image. Mind you, I am not on eating disorder level 3 or anything, I think it's more an end result of working full time, busy, getting ready for the baby, and turning 31.

Yes, these are all excuses.

But I can't complain, it's all good, and believe me it could always be worse. I know because I work with patients all the time that are in way worse shape. More on that later.

Well we're off to the beach to experience some of that parking fun I talked about earlier. I will not get sunburned today. I hope.

Really the first

Really? A first blog?

Actually, the first time I wrote a blog was for MySpace back in '06. This is when we were all just kids, the internet was new, and gas only cost 37 cents a gallon. Originally I wrote it because the girl I liked and started dating was writing fairly routinely and I wanted to try it out (and use it as an excuse). Now I'm married to that girl, guess it worked out then. So here we are.

I often go on kicks, get really into one particular topic or skill intensely for a few weeks or months and then it fizzles out. Sometimes it's because I am always retaining random things, or maybe because I get inspired from reading someone else's experiences and think "I wanna do that!". Today, me and the wife stumbled upon a very funny site and her blog inspired me to get back into the writing thing. Kinda though, I want to be funny.

Tonight I signed up and it's late - we've got beach-going activities to do tomorrow so I have to get to bed. I didn't want to sign up and not write anything down, this is all you get. Take that Twitter and your 160 characters, I have more useless stuff to say than 160!
Wow, this is bad.

I made a first blog and I already screwed it up.