Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am a weirdo.

Well holy shmokes, that went by really fast.

So it's been 5-ish months since I last wrote a blog, and wow has a lot of stuff happened since then. In fact, me and the wife had just mentioned recently that in this past 3 years I finished grad school, got my first clinic job, got licensed as a PT, we got married, and had a baby. There are some other things that have happened in there too, some good and some tragic, but those are for another time.

I did go back and read through the few postings I had listed, and ironically I even mentioned that I get on a kick and was getting into the blog thing, and who knew if it would last. And I see that I wrote we had just moved, planned on staying here for a few years even. Haven't even been here a year and we are moving.


While I am not looking at the move part all that fondly, it is a great move for a great reason. We are going to be renting a house and there are a bunch of positives with that, but the main thing is that we will be right next door to my wife's sister, who watches our daughter during the day - being next to family is the best part.

That's some of the changes going on, but really I wanted to write a blog about how I am kind of (read: am) a weirdo.

Now some of you will read that and go "Yup." and that's cool, this blog is just me knowing who I am and that I've accepted that I am not a usual guy. Yes, we could go on a nice little editorial about how we're all different and special in our own way, but that's not what I'm talking about.
I have talked about this to many people over the years, friends, acquaintances, etc. Mainly the conversation starts out about how I get along better with girls vs guys. Then I mention that I don't have a lot in common with most guys which is why I don't spend much time with them. I don't really watch sports or play (due to a lack of skill), I know nothing about cars or tools, and I'm not a very macho, testosterone driven meat-head. Plenty of testosterone though, I am manly in my own - show-tune singing - flexing muscles - artistic - loving ladies - ballroom dancing way... Hm.


I did have a small group of 3 close guy friends growing up, but over the years it was always just a few guys, and a bunch of girls. In college I had about 6+ girls I sat with at meals, always a bit worried that the people around me thought I was gay. Side note: I did get asked out by a guy once (which it didn't dawn on me that he was looking for a date, when I did realize I politely declined). The girls kind of treated me like one of the girls, always stating something along the lines of "it's just Jamie!" - implying that I was non-threatening and there to hang out, not to find a date. True, just doing my thing, not looking for a date with those friends of mine. Felt more at ease with the girls.

I mean, why do I think I'm a bit different? (Editor's note: I originally wrote a bunch of things that I am known for and which I find unusual. In the end though I left them out because the people that know me well know my little quirks and such). There was a time where I wasn't sure where I fell in the social order, but after a while I realized I got along best with the odd people, so that would make me one of them.
Really I guess the point of all this, if there is one, is that when I meet people I get along with really well; it makes me happy. These could be family, co-workers, patients, wait staff, whatever, it's a quick connect of personalities that you know just works. And heck, I even found someone that wanted to marry me, that really worked out well!

It makes me happy because I think; "ooh, they get me, and are like me, and seem to like me!" Good for the self-esteem, but in the end it's more about my self-realization that there are other oddballs out there like me. There are certain people in my life that I am extra glad when I saw them or talked to them today, so thanks to each of you for making me smile and be happy that I know you because we click well.

If you decided to give this a read through and know me, and get me, then thank you again.

You're a weirdo too.


  1. Hey look, you have a blog! Good to hear from you :)

    PS, I'm glad you are 'weird' that was what made you such a fun friend in high school.

  2. Agreed, we're both weird. Maybe it's a sibling thing... hahaha... As much as we went through the "like you like a friend" stuff in our younger years, I think we both hit the jackpot. ;)