Saturday, March 19, 2011


Don't worry, I won't have to talk about the move too much longer, since we are moving soon I'll have to start in on all the moved topics like, "there's still not enough room for all our stuff", "unpacking is such a pain", "I can't find item X", "this place smells different then our old one", and "finally, we're here!"

But as those around me know, I am stressed out about the move. I think that I'm to the point of the move where I realize everything needs to go, but I'm unsure what to pack and what should go over next. Besides, my other thought is that if I can bring it over before we move in, then we don't actually need it on hand, then do we really need it at all...? Plus the worst is when it is move day and you just end up dumping everything into garbage bags because you just have to get the crap out of there. We have a lot more stuff to move this year vs last year.
Admittedly, I am kind of a pack-rat, I do like to hold onto things, but every once and a while I will go on a tear and get rid of things, no hoarding for me. Although as a kid I liked to save wrappers, only the ones that were shiny though. It was a small collection, and I grew out of it.

Also as a kid when I got a new package of socks I liked to go upstairs and try on each new pair one at a time (much to my family's amusement, to this day).

Then there was the time when I fell on my face when I was 5, thought my teeth got knocked out, they didn't. And had a large rock and a 3x3 window fall on my head before the age of 7. Maybe that's why I can remember so many random things, it was all those head injuries! (Disclaimer: each of these things that happened to me was a accident, no ghosts, elves, gnomes, or gremlins were involved in these incidents).

This move is going to be a great upgrade though.

I was talking with a patient this week about how certain events in your life very much effect other things in your life. Call it fate, destiny, a plan, whatever - but you can think back to particular events in your life that changed the course completely. For some this is good, others bad. Heck, where would I be if I had just stuck with Graphic Design when I was at KSC and not switched? There are many reasons why I am glad that I moved back up from FL to NH to go to grad school. I would not be married and we wouldn't have miss Q if I didn't, and I'd call that a big life changer. Plus I can't help but think about my job and how many people I am treating in a week.

Now I'd like to brag and say I get them all better, but there will always be those that don't get better and for various reasons. But I will say it is a rewarding job to make someone feel better whether that is physically or mentally/emotionally. And I like to teach people stuff too.
Okay, so most of the time I'm teaching people totally useless information, like; the sound a camel makes is called nuzzing. And now that word is in my spell-checker dictionary. And in your hippocampus. Not enough cerebrum action? Well that factoid is gone.

I think that it is to the point that I should just pack everything I can rather than trying to go through it and either organize or do the keep or toss pile. This way, when we start to put everything out and get organized I can go through stuff because I don't want to keep stuff in the closet collecting dust. What's funny is that I'm a pretty bad procrastinator with many things, but with moving I'm kind of the opposite, I just want to get it done. The more I finish the more I want to do - and there is still a bunch to do.

Tomorrow though I really need to move at least a car load of stuff and pack up a bunch of boxes that we can store here, it'll make me feel like I'm getting somewhere. That, and there is less than 2 weeks left to move.


One fun thing about moving is getting some new things, furniture, lights, kitchen stuff. While this can be expensive.... especially having Target and Lowe's 5 mins down the street, it's still fun to get new stuff. Speaking of pricey, I was thinking of getting a laptop so I wouldn't bother setting up this old clunker I'm on now. Since I don't play games on my comp anymore I figured I could store this and just get a cheap laptop to check email, FB and this little blog here. Or I could be a total gadget whore and get an iPad. Keeping cost down would be good and I think I can wait to get something, there's more pressing matters to attend to. Like the giant TV and sound system we're going to get for the loft! (We're not really buy those things, but we will take donations)

So let's keep this move cheap and easy. Hm, there are many things in life that would be preferable that way.

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